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Mark Ruffalo and Emma Stone Appear in New Frankenstein

Mark Ruffalo (MCU) and Emma Stone (Easy A), will compete acting in a modern Frankenstein-themed monster film entitled, Poor Things.

Can’t deny that classic monster stories are really great timeless alias can continue to be recycled, made even more modern, so what can you do about it. And one of those classic monster properties is Frankenstein.

Since the adaptation of the original film in 1931, the story of the monster from the novel by Mary Shelley has had many versions remake both on the big screen and television series. And again, no problem at all. Because the story is also generational.

Poor Things

Poor Things Frankenstein
Emma Stone & Yorgos Lanthimos in The Favorite | coming soon

And Poor Things will be remake the next modern Frankenstein film. This film will be handled by the director of quirky films, Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster) and launch Colliderthe movie will be as riff-off of the classic monster tale.

Specifically, the story will focus on Stone’s character, Bella Baxter. This character is told to have a problem with her husband who is very abusive (likes to play rough). Feeling that he couldn’t take it anymore, he committed suicide by drowning himself.

After he died, he was revived but with the brain of a baby (infant). From the plot, it is clear that Bella will become the new Frankenstein monster. In other words, for the first time, Frankenstein’s monster character was a woman.

Although Stone’s role has been discovered, unfortunately the details of the identity of the character that Ruffalo plays have not been revealed. But it is possible that the Hulk will play a character who brings Bella’s character to life. Alias ​​Ruffalo will be his new Henry Frankenstein doctor.

Adapted From The Hit Novel

Poor Things Frankenstein
Emma Stone | Daily Mail

Launch ScreenRantit turns out Poor Things is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by the top Scottish novelist, Alasdair Gray.

This novel is in fact made by Gray as a form of parody of political allegory related to feuds interest between what a man wants and a woman’s independence/freedom. Wow, this idea and purpose is too heavy. I hope this film adaptation is a success.

Now, what do you think about the latest Frankenstein Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo film news guys?