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Make It Stable, Here Are 11 Good DSLR Camera Tripod Brands

In the world of photography, the existence of a tripod is quite important to support the camera. Especially if you need stable photos in all terrain and conditions from a DSLR camera.

Tripods have many brands, support features with various price ranges. If you really think about equipping your photography equipment with a tripod, take a look at 10 recommendations for a good DSLR camera tripod brand.

1. Vanguard


The first tripod that you can choose is Vanguard. One of the series that you can choose is the Vanguard Nivelo 245BK. This type is perfect for those of you who are just starting out in the world of photography. It is light in weight and flexible. Using this tripod, you can take close up pictures. The Vanguard Nivelo 245BK also has a swivel angle of 360 degrees.

2. Andoer

Make it Stable, Here are 11 Good DSLR Camera Tripod Brands 2

If Vanguard can be used as an option for beginners in the world of photography, it’s different if you are already a professional. Especially if you are a photojournalist in the field of sports. The recommended tripod that you can choose is Andoer, especially Andoer Tripod A-618.

The advantage of this tripod is that it is made of aluminum so that it is light in weight but sturdy to support the camera up to 20 kg. The maximum height of this tripod is 180 cm so you don’t have to bend over if you want to adjust the camera position.

With this tripod, you can take macro pictures, panoramas, to low angles easily. Not only that, he can become a monopod by removing one of his legs. Interesting, yes.

3. Leophoto


If the terrain you go to to take photos is shaking, the Leofoto LS284C Carbon Tripod With NB40 can be relied on. This product uses Toraya Carbon Filter material so it is light, sturdy, and stable. Its strength can support up to 12 kg. Your DSLR camera can also be safe when mounted on this one tripod.

4. Sirui

Make it Stable, Here are 11 Good DSLR Camera Tripod Brands 5

A tripod with a ballhead concept can indeed make it easier for you to take photos with flexibility, wider angles, and stability. The brand that issued a tripod with this concept is Sirui, especially the Sirui T-004kx.

This sirui has a light weight with legs that can extend up to a maximum of 40 cm. In addition, these legs can be adjusted to suit individual needs and comfort. Not only for beginners, this tripod is suitable for professionals.

5. Manfrotto

Make it Stable, Here are 11 Good DSLR Camera Tripod Brands 7

Manfrotto has at least two types of quality tripod options, namely the Manfrotto Tripod Compact Advance and the Manfrotto Tripod Compact Light. However, a suitable tripod for DSLR cameras is the Manfrotto Tripod Compact Advance.

The weight for the tripod itself is only 1.4 kg and it can support camera loads up to 3 kg. The manufacturing material is aluminum with 3 way heads and 2 lever handles. This lever can be folded when you don’t want to use it.

In addition, the setting is simple and there are also five levels on the tripod legs that are locked using a flip lock system. The Manfrotto Tripod Compact Advance also makes it easy for you to carry. This convenience is perfect if you are a travel blogger or vlogger.

6. Velbon


Tripods are used to make photos more stable. Even so, there are also tripods that are easy to shake the camera. To avoid this, Velbon can be selected. Velbon has several types, one of which is reliable is the Velbon CX 888.

The tripod material is lightweight aluminum which is able to make the tripod sturdy and stable. This DSLR camera that can be supported by a tripod is a camera with a load of 2 kg.

7. Alloy


Buying a tripod does need to adjust to your needs. If your needs are as a wedding photographer, the Alloy tripod can make it easier for you. This is because Tripod Alloy, especially Alloy Tripod Unipod 3 Legs Stand Base has a quick release feature. This feature makes it easy for you to quickly change the position of your DSLR camera.

The material is made of aluminum alloy so that it is sturdy and can accommodate loads up to 5 kg. In addition, it can function as a monopod. Interestingly, the maximum height that can be given is 166 cm. Another advantage is that this Alloy tripod can maintain stability in shooting.

8. Bexin


Looking for a mini tripod that fits in a small bag? You can add the Bexin brand to your purchase list. Bexin has a mini tripod type named Bexin Pro-MS08. Its size is only 18 cm, which is perfect for those of you who like to capture culinary pictures up close but with stable results.

Even though it has a small size, the load that this tripod can carry can be up to 8 kg, you know! In addition, the tripod legs can be widened to take low angle or micro shooting pictures. This tripod is also equipped with a ball head. The ball head on the tripod head makes shooting smoother without blurring.

9. Yunteng

Make it Stable, Here are 11 Good DSLR Camera Tripod Brands 12

Yunteng is a tripod brand for those of you who are used to taking photos or hunting photos yourself. The model is indeed slim like a selfie stick, namely the Yunteng VCT-1688. Its usefulness is not only as a professional tripod, but it can also be used as a selfie stick by closing the legs.

In addition, this tripod is equipped with a remote shutter feature for selfies. You can connect this feature to an Android or iOS smartphone. If you want to use it as a professional tripod, the maximum height that can be given is 130 cm and folded up to 32 cm. The load capacity that this tripod can support is 5 kg.

10. Beike

Make It Stable, Here Are 11 Good DSLR Camera Tripod Brands 14

Looking for a tripod that is light in weight, has a maximum height and is foldable? Try switching to Beike. The Beike Q999 has everything you could want. The weight of this tripod is indeed light because it is made of aluminum alloy but can support loads up to 8 kg.

The maximum height that can be carried by the Beike Q999 tripod is 159 cm and can be folded up to a size of 43 cm. That is it? Certainly not. This tripod can also function as a monopod by removing one of the supporting legs.

11. Weifeng

Make It Stable, Here Are 11 Good DSLR Camera Tripod Brands 16

If the 10 recommendations above are in accordance with your needs but are still constrained by budget, you can choose Weifeng. Weifeng 3110 can be chosen for beginner photographers at an affordable price. You can start learning to use a tripod with this type.

The load that Weifeng 3110 can withstand is 7 kg with a maximum height of 80 cm. The material is made of quality aluminum which is certainly sturdy, lightweight, and stable.

Of the 11 brands of DSLR camera tripods that are good for supporting photography activities, which one will be your camera companion? Come on, share your experience choosing or using a tripod in the comments column below.