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Losing in the PMPL Sea Finals, Vietnam Will Still Have a Team at PMGC 2022!

This is the Vietnamese Team That Can Still Participate in PMGC 2022!

The PUBG Mobile Pro League Sea Finals tournament yesterday really shook Southeast Asia with the extraordinary 16 teams playing.

Players from several Southeast Asian countries met in 15 rounds for 3 days in a row struggling to collect points.

One that became the center of attention was Tim Bigetron Red Aliens which becomes PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 winner.

Also Aerowolf Limax who participated in PMGC Season 0 with BTR RA. The last day was very stressful to see BTR and Secret Jin fighting for first place.

In accordance with the tournament format that has been made, Top 4 from PMPL Sea Finals will get a slot to PMGC 2022.

From the results of the game, only 2 countries containing 5 teams will go to represent Southeast Asia at PMGC 2022 later

Indonesia and Thailand is a country from Southeast Asia that got a slot in this big tournament, which consisted of 2 teams from Indonesia, and 3 teams from Thailand.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that there is one country from Southeast Asia that has qualified to enter the PMGC 2022 later!

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Vietnam Team Entering PMGC 2022!

The Unnamed is a team from Vietnam, which managed to qualify for PMGC 2022 through PMPL America a few weeks ago.

Source: pml.updates

Surely you are confused, why is the team from Vietnam playing in America. Yes, this team is indeed registered with the American team, but all the players are from Vietnam.

The Unnamed managed to get into second place in the American PMPL, right behind Loop Esports, which will also participate in this major tournament.

With that, there are approximately 6 countries from Southeast Asia that will be included in PMCG 2022, even though the Unnamed Team is registered in the Americas Region.

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