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Loops and Team Secret Dominate Day 1 of PMGC 2022!

Here are the standings for day 1 of PMGC 2022 Season 0!

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 Season 0 thas opened its first day in a very extraordinary way.

It’s been almost 1 month we have been waiting for the arrival of a very big tournament by the whole world since the end of the PMPL Sea Finals, and now finally we can enjoy watching this match.

There are so many fierce battles that we can see in the match on this first day, with satisfying results. Don’t forget the 2 teams that brought the name of Indonesia extraordinary.

You can see the performance of the Indonesian team, Bigetron Red Aliens and Aerowolf Limax who managed to survive even though they still couldn’t catch up with the teams above them.

Let’s take a look at the provisional results:

PMGC Week 1 Day 1 Match Results

This first day of League Day was played by 3 groups each of which contains 8 teams from different countries. Each team plays as many as 4 matches in 1 day, with all matches on 6 different maps!

Round 1 -Erangel: Loops Esports (America)

Round 2 – Miramar: Team Secret (Southeast Asia)

Round 3 – Sanhok: Team Secret (Southeast Asia)

Round 4 – Vikendi: Loops Esports (America)

Round 5 – Erangel: Alpha 7 Esports (America)

Round 6 – Miramar: Natus Vincere (Europe)

Premier League Day 1 PMGC 2022 Standings!

Source: pubg mobile esports

For the first day, the Indonesian team was not so maximal in fighting for their points, even though they showed a very good game.

Bigetron Red Aliens who were previously world champions are in 17th place, and our Underdog team, Aerowolf Limax is in the 14th position.

Here Aerowolf can enter Super Weekend if it can maintain its position well, while Bigetron must be able to try to catch up with other points in order to enter the Top 16.

On the other hand, Loops Esports and Team Secret Malaysia managed to get Chicken consecutively in the first 4 matches.

With the order of Loops, Secret, Secret, and Loops again, they both managed to occupy the top position in the standings to get into Super Weekend.

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Meanwhile Loops and Team Secret are already in a safe position, and can certainly qualify for Super Weekend to collect the original points needed to enter the Grand Final Round.

We hope that the teams from Indonesia can continue to struggle to maintain their points, and can increase their points considerably so that they can enter the Super Weekend later.

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