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Lokapala -First Beta Anniversary Celebration!

Recently Lokapala has done a massive update, you know and also info on tournaments that you can participate in! Here’s important information for you, that the opportunity to get Ksatriya H’rtal’s special skin, Smokestack Outburst from Svaka Locus Season One ends on June 9, 2022 and with the end of the first season, Svaka Locus will start a new season on June 10, 2022.

You need to remember that the Svaka Locus ticket that you have now cannot be used for the next period! Your remaining tickets will be converted to Lotus, so don’t forget to use your Svaka Locus ticket.

With the completion of the first period, the second period of Svaka Locus comes! Let’s play Lokapala now and test your luck in Svaka Locus Season 2! The main prizes that you can get in season 2 are Special Guning Skin-Unswerving Fellowship! This Valentine-themed skin carries the theme of Parental Love or you could say the love of a father and his child. A suitable theme for Valentine, of course, Ksatriya! In the story, Lokapala also wants to convey unity in diversity, even though Gu and Ning are not of the same ethnicity or have blood relations, but Gu considers Ning as his own son, and Ning also considers Gu as his own father. It has to be like this, Kshatriya, in celebrating Valentine’s Day!

In this update, Lokapala added event content entitled Arrival of The Mighty Ksatriya to celebrate Lokapala BETA Anniversary The first! This event takes place from 08 June to 21 June 2022.

When the Six Worlds unite, the power of the Ancient Ones creates a place where no one can see it. This place is called Svaka Lokapala. This is where the Ancient Ones summoned all the best Knights from various ages, places, and even the universe to fight for the Ancient Ones. Because of this great power, the Ksatriyas who crossed space and time towards Svaka Lokapala left a shining trail full of hope in the sky, which later manifested into Stalwart Imprints.