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Login Today To Get Free MLBB Transformers Skin!

Login Today To Get Free MLBB Transformers Skin!

Don’t forget to log in today at Mobile Legends to get a free MLBB Transformers skin.

As we know that in the first 10 draws you are guaranteed to get Roger’s “Grimlock” Transformers skin.

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June 28, 2022 is the day you have been waiting for so you can claim a Transformers skin for free.

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Just Login and Complete the Quest

You only need to login and complete the existing quests to get 10 Transformers passes to be able to do 10x draw gacha in this event.

You can claim pre-order tickets at 15.00 WIB later.

source: YT Eidura Channel

After claiming you can complete the Transformers event mission for additional tickets and it is certain that you can draw the Transformers event for free.

You can get a total of 17 free tickets if you complete all quests and take pre-orders at 15.00 WIB later.

Of course, this allows you to get 1 Transformers skin belonging to Roger for sure.

Roger is indeed a free skin that is shared by Moonton for those of you who want a Transformers skin.

But if you want other skins of course you can finish the existing bingo. Seeing that there are three phases for this skin, the chances of you getting additional Transformers skins through bingo are very large.

If you get at least 2 bingo patterns for every event, you will most likely get a guaranteed skin because based on leaked patterns, you need a maximum of 6 patterns to definitely get the next Transformers skin.

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