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Leaks of the Latest Free Fire (FF) Event for June 2022

The latest Leaked Free Fire (FF) Event for June 2022 has been eagerly awaited by many players. Especially for players who don’t have enough money to buy some cool items in the Free Fire game. However, take it easy through this discussion you can get cool items and of course for free.

This discussion about the Free Fire (FF) free event will be very useful for all of you who are reading this. Because it can give you various interesting items in the Free Fire game. You certainly shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get some free items.

By getting cool items through this free event, you don’t need to spend a penny to buy exclusive items. Just read this discussion later you will get important information about the Free Fire free event.

Well, according to the title, in this discussion we will discuss the Free Fire Event for June 2022. Want to know what the free events are? You should read the following reviews.

Leaks of the Latest Free Fire (FF) Event for June 2022

Launching from the Official Military Gaming YouTube Channel, in June there will be many free events from Garena. But even though it’s free, the items or gifts that Garena prepares are no less cool than paid items.

Several leaks regarding the Free Fire Event (FF) in June 2022 came from the Cobra Free FIre Operation Event. Garena will provide several items such as bags and parachutes for free when they are released in Indonesia.

1. Free Fire Cobra Parachute

Image 3
Cobra FF Parachute Skin | Military Gaming

The first item that Garena might give free is the Cobra Free Fire (FF) Parachute skin. This skin itself has been released on external servers for now. However, the Indonesian server itself has not yet been released. Possibly if it is already present in Indonesia, the skin will be free.

2. Cobra Free Fire Bag Skin

Image 4
Cobra FF Bag Skin | Military Gaming

Secondly, there is the Cobra FF Bag skin, it is possible that this one skin bag will also be present for free at the free event in June 2022 in the near future. The appearance of this bag has a cool and unique effect. So it’s a shame if you don’t get it when it’s released later.

3. Cobra Free Fire Surfboard Skin

Image 5
Cobra FF Surfboard Skin | Military Gaming

Finally, there is the Cobra FF Surfboard Skin, this surfboard skin, according to leaks, will also be available for free on the Indonesian server. The item is currently released on an external server. For the release of the Free Fire (FF) free event, it looks like it will take place on the 20s or next week.

Well, that’s some discussion about the leaked Free Fire Event (FF) in June 2022. If you feel this discussion is very helpful for you, don’t forget to share it with your friends too. Keep visiting Game Funda to get Tips other interesting things about Free Fire.