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Leaked Release Date & Appearance of Royale Pass M11 PUBG Mobile

 The following is the latest leak of the appearance and release date of the latest PUBG Mobile M11 royale pass , you must know spinners.

Soon PUBG Mobile will soon reset their latest season where players must prepare for the new season.

And as usual, every new season there will also be the latest Royale Pass which will have many attractive prizes that players can get.

However, to get various attractive prizes such as emotes, skins and so on from the royale pass, you have to buy the Royale Pass.

And for the latest royale pass, it will be named "Hidden Hunter". Just take a look, let's just be curious.

RP M11 leaks

In this Royale Pass update, there are many weapons such as SCAR-L, Uzi and others that get cool skins.

Don't forget there are also emotes, Helmet skins, cool costumes that you can get. Especially for level 50 you can get a cool costume Elegant Finnest Set (can be seen below) that changes your appearance later.

Royale Pass M11

When Release?

Then for the release of the M11 PUBG Mobile version of the Royale Pass, according to leaks circulating, it will be released on May 19, 2022.

Surely you have to prepare some UC to get one of the M11 royale passes, do you think it's cool or not? Or is the Royale Pass still cooler than before? Write in the comments column yes.