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Leaked New Mobile Legends Update, Get Ready for Potatoes to Cry!

Leaked New Mobile Legends Update, Get Ready for Potatoes to Cry!

New update leaks seem to have started to spread. It’s not just the UI that has changed like the previous leaks. New Mobile Legends Patch Leaks, Lots of Cool Changes!

However, it turns out that there are other changes that will make you the owner of the potato HP cry. How come? So what? Is the update too big?

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Leaked New Mobile Legends Update

ML New Update Leaked
source: YT Angga Mzrbest

Seeing from one of the trusted Mobile Legends creator content, you can see for yourself the new look of Mobile Legends later.

Later in the lobby there will be Layla or maybe another hero can be replaced as shown in the picture above.

Of course, something like this is quite large and the size is likely to increase. Even though the Lobby display looks simpler, the mechanism is compared to the one that is now present on the original server.

When Will It Come?

source: ig @argus_darkangel_

It is not known when it will be present, because for the upcoming update in June 2022, the new possibility officially announced by Moonton is as follows Leaked New Mobile Legends Patch, Lots of Cool Changes!

There is only a slight change where the UI will be green according to the Rise of the Necrokeep theme.

For the most recent change where there will be Layla filling the lobby, it is not yet known when it will be released.

Most likely in the next patches. Let’s just wait for the news of the certainty of the new Mobile Legends update, okay. Get ready, because it’s likely the size will increase, for HP potato owners, they will most likely cry because of the new update.

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