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Leaked New Mobile Legends Skin in July 2022, There's a Collaboration Skin!

Leaked New Mobile Legends Skin in July 2022, There’s a Collaboration Skin!

Even though it’s only the beginning of June 2022, leaks regarding the skin that will be present in July have been seen.

As stated above, most likely there will be a collaboration skin that will be presented.

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What skin collaboration? Star Wars or the recently confirmed Kungfu Panda? Instead of being curious, just take a look at it as a whole.

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Leaked Mobile Legends New Skin for July 2022

As you can see, there are many skins that are likely to be present in July. Here are the details.

  • Nana Skin Starlight – July 1
  • Grock Skin Season 24 – 2 July
  • Selena Skin Elite – July 2
  • Luo Yi Skin Collector – July 7
  • Kimmy Skin Star Wars – July 16
  • Lesley Legend Resale – July 16
  • Zodiac Body Resale – July 23
  • Sun Skin Epic – XX July
  • Aamon Skin Elite – XX July
  • Estes Skin M3 – XX July
  • New Hero + Normal Skin – XX July

How to see the list? Will you be happy or not? So, it’s possible that Selena will replace Alice as the First Purchase Season 25 skin later.

Regarding collaboration, it seems that Star Wars will be presented again through the latest Kimmy skin which according to leaks will be present on July 16 along with the resale of Lesley’s Legend skin.

Another news that is still gray is the Estes M4 skin which is still unclear but will most likely be present in July. We’ll just have to wait, because according to the leaks it will look really cool.

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