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Leaked New Mobile Legends Patch, Lots of Cool Changes!

Leaked New Mobile Legends Patch, Lots of Cool Changes!

New patches will always be present every month. But unlike last month’s new patch, this month there will be a lot of cool changes.

Starting from the lobby display, hero display, gameplay changes, of course buffs and nerf heroes.

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Before proceeding to a more complete explanation, let’s take a look at the official trailer for the new patch from Mobile Legends.

MLBB New Patch Changes

Many new things are presented, here SPIN Esports will explain further.

Revamp Rise of Necrokeep

source: YT MLBB

First, there is Rise of Necrokeep, as the name suggests, this patch will start a revival for Necrokeep heroes, namely Vexana, Faramis and Leomord.

All three will get a revamp, where Vexana will look beautiful with a new, more OP skill set.

Faramis also looks more handsome with a stronger skill set. While Leomord will come with a fresher look even though the skill set only gets a buff and doesn’t change.

UI Change

source: YT MLBB

We are not only presented with a revamp for the hero, but a new UI (User Interface) display that matches the Rise of Necrokeep theme. There will be a dark green color which you will see later as the new UI.

Season Rewards Change

Mobile Legends New Patch
source: YT MLBB

Rewards for the end of the next season will change, starting with the Season skin label which will be different according to your final rank.

Until additional prizes will be presented later. Wait for further information regarding this.

Buff and Nerf Hero

Mobile Legends New Patch
source: YT MLBB

Like update patches, there will usually be changes to buffs and nerf heroes. It is possible that Mage heroes will get buffs and nerfs, according to the leaks that have been shown there will be changes for Xavier, Lunox and Gord.

Gameplay Changes

source: YT MLBB

There are also changes in the gameplay, where what has been leaked is the change to the minion mid, as well as the laning jungler.

We will discuss in more detail if there is clearer information, Spinners.

Those are all the leaks of the new Mobile Legends patch update for June 2022. Who can’t wait? The possibility of this new patch will be around the end of June 2022 like the patch last June.

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