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Leaked First Purchase Skin For Season 25, For This Hero!

Leaked First Purchase Skin For Season 25, For This Hero!

Season 24 of course will end in the near future and Mobile Legends of course will soon be wading through a new season.

Just like the previous seasons, of course the current rank that you have achieved will get a reset and return to a lower rank.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

In addition, of course there are many rewards that you can get when the season changes, ranging from free skins, battle points to Mythic emotes if you have reached that rank.

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There will be a New Season 25 Skin

Photo via Mobile Legends Daily

In addition to the various other attractive prizes that have been mentioned, of course you can also get elite skins at very cheap prices when wading through the new season.

After the previous edition for Bane, in the new 25th season, the first purchase elite skin is almost certain for Alice.

This is of course expressed by leakers trusted source who often provides accurate information about the latest updates that will come to Mobile Legends.

Only 100 Diamonds

Alice mobile legends
Photo via UHD Wallpaper

The skin will of course be priced at the same price as the first purchased skins with the previous edition, which is only 100 diamonds,

The price set is of course quite affordable so that every player is certainly advised to buy the skin.

With an extraordinary appearance and sold at a low price, of course, there is no reason for you to miss the rare opportunity to get Alice’s skin at a low price.

So, that’s the leak regarding the first purchase skin for Season 25 which will soon be coming to Mobile Legends.

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