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Leaked FF Rampage Edition Bundle, Will it Become a Legendary Evo Bundle?

Leaked FF Rampage Edition Bundle, Will it Become a Legendary Evo Bundle?

Bundles are one of the most important items for most Free Fire (FF) players. Some think the game doesn’t feel cool if you don’t use this one item.

Although it doesn’t really affect the course of a war, because it can’t help players in generating attacks, its role is considered quite important.

In fact, many players don’t want to play if they don’t use bundles, because players who don’t use them look like beginners in this battle royale game.

Well, one of the bundles that might be a mainstay for you next is a special bundle for the latest event edition that will be coming, namely Rampage.

If you’re curious, here’s a leaked special bundle for the Rampage 4.0 FF event that will be coming to Free Fire after the update!

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FF Rampage Edition Bundle Leaks

A bundle that Free Fire players have been waiting for is rumored to be coming in the near future, precisely after the OB34 update.

Yep, a Legendary Evolution bundle which is the coolest bundle is reportedly coming along with the release of the Rampage 4.0 event after the upcoming update.

As we can see in the many leaks regarding this bundle, there are 4 types of bundles that are actually predicted to be combined in a bundle. The reason is, this bundle can evolve and change color according to what you see above!

Red, blue, purple, and yellow, will be the main colors in this bundle. In addition to its cool appearance, of course what is waiting for is the animation effects that can be raised by the special Evo Legendary bundle.

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure when this bundle will be released for the Indonesian server. The strongest possibility is that this bundle will be released at the end of the end of the Rampage event.

So, let’s just wait for more information about this bundle, Spinners! Stay tuned for information about other leaks only at

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That’s leaked information about a cool Free Fire bundle that will be released in the near future. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.