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Leaked Aamon Mobile Legends New Skin, Will It Become a Skin Collector?

Leaked Aamon Mobile Legends New Skin, Will It Become a Skin Collector?

Aamon is one of the most feared Assassin heroes. The damage is very strong and can kill anyone.

But the changes and the nerf he got made him a little left behind. Recently, Aamon has again received a buff that slightly increases the user’s interest in using this hero again.

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Apart from buffs, the good news for Aamon users is that Aamon is rumored to be getting a new skin soon. You can see how it looks below.

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Aamon’s New Skin Appearance

You can see that it looks a bit like Lancelot BREN Esports with the dominant colors being white and yellow.

Reportedly, this skin will come with a cool label, namely Collector. No wonder if you see how it looks.

Aamon is recorded to have two upcoming skins with one more likely to be labeled Elite. Indeed, he is a new hero and doesn’t have a new skin yet.

It will be a surprise if a new skin labeled Collector will be presented. For the month of June, it has been confirmed that it will belong to Esmeralda. Just wait, will it be July 2022, Aamon, who will be the latest Collector leak from Mobile Legends.

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