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Leaked the 118th New Hero in Mobile Legends, Assassin's Role?

Leaked the 118th New Hero in Mobile Legends, Assassin’s Role?

New heroes are certainly awaited, and reportedly there will be a new 118th hero that will soon be released on the advanced server.

Of course we will be presented with gameplay leaks when we get there. But before that, for those of you who are curious about how it looks, you can see it now. This is the leak of the new 118th Mobile Legends hero.

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This New Mobile Legends Hero Will Have an Assassin Role?

The possible name of this new hero is Joy, for roles there is a possibility of hybrid Assassin and Mage. The skills he has are more or less as shown in the picture.

Skill 2 can be said as a dash skill with a forward direction with an effect like electricity. His 3rd skill looks around the existing opponent. It’s interesting to wait for the gameplay.

It looks like Joy will be a Leonin like Nana and Harith. With a small body also like Nana.

The possibility of this hero has agile movements, therefore it is very suitable if you have an Assassin role. Until now, it seems that no Leonin nation has an Assassin role.

He could be the first to become the owner of this role. Previously there were only Nana (Mage), Harith (Mage) and Aulus (Fighter).

When Will it Release?

According to existing news, this hero will be released in 2 months, namely August 2022, after the 117th new hero in July and the Necrokeep revamp (Vexana, Leomord, Faramis) in June.

Are you ready to become a Joy user if this hero will be released soon?

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