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Lazada Paylater Can't Be Used? Here's the Solution

Lazada Paylater Can’t Be Used – Recently lazada users have been shocked because there is one lazada feature that cannot be used. For lazada features that currently cannot be used, namely the playlater. Of course, for those of you who are lazada users, you already know that there is a playlater feature.

Usually if one of the features can’t be used because there are several reasons, such as the playlater on this lazada. Of course, there are several reasons why this lazada player can’t work or can’t be used.

So, for those of you who are Lazada users and curious why the Lazada Playlater can’t work. Then you can continue to follow our discussion this time, because here we will give you how to solve the Lazada Playlater cannot be used.

Looks like we don’t have to stay here any longer. So please, you can just see the complete information that we have prepared below.

What is Lazada Playlater?

The lazada playlater is one of the features found in the shop application called lazada. With this playlater feature, Lazada users will be able to buy goods on credit. Of course this feature is very helpful.

However, at this time there is a problem which is certainly very disappointing, because this playback feature can no longer be used. Actually for Lazada’s playlater feature it still works, but there are some Lazada users who don’t know it.

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Cause the Lazada Playlater Can’t Be Used?

Yes, as we explained above, there are several reasons why the Lazada Playlater cannot be used. So before overcoming this malfunctioning playlater, it would be nice for you to first look at the causes of the unusable playlater which we have prepared below.

The Lazada application hasn’t been updated yet

Usually if there is one feature of the application that does not work, because the user has not updated the application. So if you haven’t updated the Lazada application to the latest version, it will cause an error or the Lazada application feature cannot be used like this Playlater.

Lazada Playlater Not Activated

So, the next reason is that you probably haven’t activated the Lazada Playlater. Because if you haven’t activated this lazada playlater, then automatically you won’t be able to use it.

There are Unpaid Installments

Why the lazada playlater can’t be used? Usually this playlater can’t be used, because Lazada users haven’t paid off their installments to Lazada or I sell it. If you still have installments, then this player automatically cannot be used.

Late Installment

Paying installments on this Lazada Playlater must be on time, because if you are late paying your installments, you will be penalized later. The penalty for paying installments is not being able to use Lazada’s Playlater.

How to Overcome the Lazada Playlater Cannot Be Used

So, if you have problems with the Lazada Playlater, you can’t use it. Then you don’t need to worry and panic, because we are here to prepare a way to deal with it. For how to solve it, please see below.

Update the Lazada Application to the Latest Version

The first way to solve the lazada playlater can’t be used, then you just need to update your lazada application to the latest version. To update lazada you can just go to google playstore and look for the lazada application then update.

Activate your Lazada Playlater Account

Immediately activate your Lazada Playlater account, because if you can activate it, the Playlater will not work and cannot be used.

Contact Lazada Customer Service

So, if you use the method above, the Lazada Playlater still can’t be used. Then immediately contact Lazada customer service. To contact Lazada CS, you can go through the official Lazada website at, or by telephone to the number 021-80640090.

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Looks like that’s all the information we can convey to you about Lazada Paylater Can’t Be Used? Here’s How To Overcome It. We hope that the information that we provide this time can be useful. Thank you