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Kojima Productions Provides Hints for New Game

After the success of the Death Stranding game, Hideo Kojima personally said that the next project he will work on with Kojima Productions is a horror genre game. Discussing the tena of horror and Kojima, fans certainly associate it with the game which is quite famous Silent Hills. As we know Hideo Kojima has worked on the Silent Hill PT series although in the end it was never completed because of his dispute with Konami.

Now, a recent tweet from the head of corporate communications for Kojima Productions, Aki Saito, made fans quite excited.

As we know, Hideo Kojima is known to often tease his fans by deliberately giving small hints of what he and his team are working on. Now many fans are starting to guess what Kojima Production is doing. Many believe that they will revive the unfinished PT game.

Is it true that the project they are working on is a PT game? We are waiting for further information.