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Kojima Productions Cancels Attendance at GDC 2022 Due to Corona Virus

Kojima Productions cancels attendance at the GDC 2020 event due to the Corona Virus outbreak problem

Kojima Productions has announced that they will be canceling their attendance at the GDC (Game Developers Conference), an event where developers gather and share their projects in San Francisco. This is due to concerns about the Corona Virus which is getting more extreme every day. In addition, various parties in the Game Industry have also canceled their attendance at GDC 2022, previously Sony Interactive Entertainment and Facebook were also known to have canceled due to the same reason related to the Corona Virus problem.

Via the official Twitter account post Kojima Productions @Kojipro_2015, Studio has confirmed that it should have graced two sessions at GDC 2022 with Hideo Kojima and AI Programmer Eric Johnson hosting the event, Plans have been officially cancelled.

In addition to Sony and Facebook, which previously canceled their attendance at the event, it turns out that EA was also known to have canceled to appear. The GDC 2022 event will continue until June.