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Koei Tecmo Apologizes For Paid Hair Color Change Feature in Dead Or Alive 6 PS4

Dev.  Dead Or Alive 6 apologizes for the paid hair color change feature

Some time ago, Dead or Alive 6 gamers on the PlayStation 4 platform were annoyed, because they had to pay some money just for the feature to change the hair color of the characters in the game.

It is known that to change the hair color, players are required to pay using real money through a Premium Ticket which is priced at US $ 1. This of course makes a lot of players PRAYER 6 became furious with Koei Tecmo as the developer.

After many complaints were made, through the Dead Or Alive official Twitter account, Koei Tecmo also announced that they apologized to all players for this problem and promised to immediately fix the error.

But unfortunately, Koei did not explain further about how the solution they would take for this Dead Or Alive 6 feature problem. Whether it’s by making it free directly or still making access to it for a fee.