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Knowing the Type of Shotgun in Free Fire (FF), Which Hurts?

Battle royale games like Free Fire have many types of weapons. Starting from Rifle, SMG, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol and so on. Each weapon has its own special ability. If it’s close combat, obviously the Shotgun is the best weapon to use. So out of all the shotguns in Free Fire (FF), which one hurts?

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss the most painful shotgun in the Free Fire game. To find out the complete information, let’s see the following discussion.

Various FF Shotgun Weapons

1. SPAS12

SPAS12 |

The first FF Shotgun weapon is SPAS12, this weapon is known to be painful for opponents. The damage produced by this weapon reaches 97. So by using this shotgun, players can kill other players with just one shot when it hits the head. In addition, SPAS12 uses an Auto shooting mode which will make it easier for you to use it.

Well, the problem for this weapon is that the number is very limited in the game. So you need to be careful in finding SPAS12.

2. M1014

M1014 | Indoespotrs

Included in the next FF shotgun weapon, this weapon is very easy to find. And is a shotgun weapon that is always present in every FPS game. The damage from this shotgun is 94, so it is included in the sickest FF weapon.

Only one drawback of this shotgun is that we cannot install any attachments. So the ability will not be able to increase.

3. M1873

M1873 | Garena Free Fire

This shotgun is the most unique of all shotguns in the Free Fire game. Why is that? Because this shotgun is included in the secondary weapon category. So you can take it with Rifle, Sniper, or SMG. As a secondary weapon, this weapon has two rounds. Even so, this shotgun is included in one of the sickest FF weapons with 94 damage.

The drawback of this weapon is that it is very difficult to finish off opponents who are already wearing vests and helmets. In terms of penetration strength, the amor has a value of 0.

4. M1187

M1887 1
M1887 | Free Fire

The sickest FF shotgun weapon that we will discuss is the M1887. This weapon has the nickname as a rotary shotgun. The strength of this weapon reaches 100 so it is very powerful to bulldoze the opponent. In addition, the reload is the fastest than other FF shotguns.

The penetration power of this shotgun amor is also large, so it can crush opponents who are wearing vests and helmets. However, this shotgun has a drawback, namely its capacity is only 2 bullets.

So, Which FF Shotgun Weapon Hurts?

Shotgun FF hurts
FF Shotgun Sick | Line Today

Judging from the strength or explosive power of each FF shotgun, it looks like the M1187 rotary shotgun is the sick one. However, this shotgun has two bullets, so it will be very slow against enemies at close range if our shots miss continuously.

SPAS 12 in our opinion, is the best FF shotgun weapon, although the damage is inferior to the M1187, the shotgun is more stable than the M1187. The reason is because this weapon has an auto fire mode, and the number of bullets is more.

As for the M1014 and M1873, they still cannot be paired with the two shotguns above. Because the shortcomings of these two weapons are more severe than the SPAS12 and M1187.

So, those are the 4 shotgun weapons in the Free Fire game. Which one do you often use to play? Write the answer in the comments column yes. Don’t forget to always visit Dafunda Game to get other interesting information about Free Fire.