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Know the 6 Differences between Samsung Galaxy A23 and Galaxy M23 5G

Samsung strafes the market smartphone Indonesia with various cellphones from the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series. Two of them are the Samsung Galaxy A23 and Galaxy M23 5G. Judging from the name, the two latest Samsung cellphones are indeed similar.

Even the price is not much different, both released at a price of Rp. 3 million. Therefore, Cari Signal needs to discuss what are the differences between the two cellphones. By looking at the differentiating factors between the two phones, you can be more observant when making a choice.

The hope is that you will get smartphone that best suits your profile and needs. Before going to the point of exposure, let’s look at the main specifications of the Galaxy A23 and M23 5G as follows.

Samsung Galaxy A23 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A23
Screen PLS TFT 6.6 inch
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 4G
Internal Memory 128GB

50 MP (wide)

5 MP (ultrawide)

2 MP (macro)

2 MP (depth)

Battery Li-Po 5000 mAh
Current Price IDR 3.350.000

Samsung Galaxy M23 5G Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M23 5G
Screen PLS TFT 6.6 inch
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G
Internal Memory 128GB

50 MP (wide)

8 MP (ultrawide)

2 MP (macro)

Battery Li-Po 5000 mAh
Current Price IDR 3,549.000

Difference between Samsung Galaxy A23 and Galaxy M23 5G

A middle-class cellphone at a price of Rp. 3 million is an attractive choice. However, in the case of the Galaxy A23 and M23 5G, you have to take a closer look. The reason, each cell phone has a specialization that is not the same. The points below will explain the personality of the two phones.

1. Design and Dimension

samsung galaxy a23

The Samsung product catalog on the 2022 calendar is filled with smartphonesmartphone which has a similar design. If the Galaxy A23 follows the design of the Galaxy A52, the Galaxy M23 5G actually follows the design of the Galaxy M52 5G.

The decision not to make a design overhaul was taken by Samsung most likely in order to reduce production costs. That way, other sectors can be maximized. Either way, let’s see what’s different about the looks of the two phones.

The first difference is the camera module. On the Galaxy A23 camera module, the lenses are arranged in a 3-2 formation. It makes this HP camera module wider. Meanwhile, the Galaxy M23 uses an elongated camera module.

Inside are three camera lenses with the same diameter. There is one light flash small in the empty space between the topmost lens and the second lens.

The next difference is finishing and color choices. Samsung Galaxy A23 uses finishing glossywhile the Samsung Galaxy M23 5G uses finishing matte which is more resistant to fingerprint smudges.

Though finishing both phones are different, the color choices provided are equally attractive. Galaxy A23 comes with three color options: Peach, Black, and Blue. Galaxy M23 5G also has three color options, namely Deep Green, Light Blue, and Orange Cooper.

The final difference regarding the appearance of the two phones is the dimensions. Galaxy A23 is slightly shorter and lighter with dimensions of 164.5 x 76.9 x 8.4 mm and weighs 195 grams. The Galaxy M23 5G has dimensions of 165.5 x 77 x 8.4 mm and weighs 198 g.

2. Display

galaxy m23 5g

Samsung embeds the display sector of the two phones with homemade screen panels, namely PLS TFT. This panel is an alternative to AMOLED and has the same quality as IPS LCD.

The price of TFT PLS is relatively more affordable, but it has the potential to have a long life because there is no risk of being affected burn-in like AMOLED. Furthermore, the Galaxy A23 and M23 5G PLS TFT screens are exactly the same both in terms of span and resolution.

Both are 6.6 inches and Full HD + resolution. Even the protection of the glass layer of Gorilla Glass 5 is also the same. The only difference is the support refresh rate.

Galaxy A23 already supports refresh rate 90 Hz high, but the M23 5G is even higher at 120 Hz. Thus, the screen of the Galaxy M23 5G is one level smoother than its brother when displaying animated motion.

3. Kitchen Runway

galaxy m23 5g

Both Galaxy A23 and Galaxy M23 5G use chipset from the manufacturer Qualcomm. The Galaxy A23 uses the Snapdragon 680, while the M23 5G relies on the Snapdragon 750G for the kitchen.

When viewed from the fabrication, Snapdragon 680 is indeed more modern because it uses a 6 nm manufacturing process. The Snapdragon 750G still uses the 8 nm manufacturing process. So in theory Snapdragon 680 is more reliable in handling heat and saving power consumption.

Even so, the Snapdragon 750G has much more performance OK compared to Snapdragon 680. The reason is because it contains CPU cores with a newer microarchitecture, as well as a faster GPU.

Snapdragon 750G uses two core CPU with Kryo 570 Gold microarchitecture and six core Kryo 570 Silver. Kryo 570 Gold is a modification of the Cortex A77, while the Kryo 570 Silver is based on the Cortex A55.

On the other hand, Snapdragon 680 uses four core Kryo 265 Gold and four core Kryo 265 Silver. Kryo 265 Gold is actually a modified Cortex A73, while Kryo 265 Silver is based on Cortex A53.

As an illustration, the AnTuTu 9 score that can be achieved by Snapdragon 750G is 389,087. The score is 40% higher than the Snapdragon 680 (278,853) according to nanoreview testing. The Snapdragon 750G uses an Adreno 619 GPU, while the Snapdragon 680 has an Adreno 610.

4. Connectivity

samsung 5g connectivity

whose name is chipset not only contain CPU and GPU. There are various other components that are put together in one chip. Well, one of the components is a modem.

Inside the Snapdragon 680 belonging to the Galaxy A23 there is a 4G modem called X11 LTE. Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 750G used by the Galaxy M23 5G has a 5G modem called X52 5G.

The existence of a different modem clearly makes the Galaxy M23 5G superior in terms of connectivity. Not only 4G signals can be captured by this phone, but also 5G Sub6 and 5G mmWave.

Outside of the cellular network, the types of connectivity that both phones support are the same. Starting from WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, FM radio, and NFC. Both phones also sport a USB C port and have a 3.5mm audio jack.

5. Camera

samsung galaxy a23

Galaxy A23 is armed with four rear cameras and one front camera. The four rear cameras are the main 50 MP (f/1.8) camera ultrawide 5 MP (f/2.2), 2 MP (f/2.4) macro camera, and 2 MP (f/2.4) depth sensor. Meanwhile, the front camera has a resolution of 8 MP with an aperture of f/2.2.

Interestingly, the main camera of the Galaxy A23 is reinforced with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This feature is able to reduce vibrations on the camera, so night photos can be minimally blurry. Taking photos at night takes a little longer than during the day when there is sufficient light.

This allows the sensor to capture as much light as possible. During the process, the camera must not shake so that the photo does not blur. This OIS feature is not owned by the Galaxy M23 5G. The latter also doesn’t have a depth sensor.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy M23 has a camera ultrawide with a larger resolution, namely 8 MP (f/2.2). Camera sensors ultrawide This cellphone is also larger than the A23 (1/4 inch vs 1/5 inch). Then in theory, camera capture ultrawide Galaxy M23 is sharper.

There is nothing different about the camera sector of the two phones except the maximum video resolution that can be achieved. For this matter, the Galaxy M23 is superior because the main camera can record videos up to 4K resolution at 30 fps. The main camera of the Galaxy A23 is stuck at 1080p (Full HD) 30 fps only.

6. Release Price and Sales Package

samsung galaxy a23

When it was first introduced in Indonesia in June 2022, the Galaxy A23 was priced at IDR 3,499,000. The unit obtained has a memory configuration of 6/128 GB. There are no units with other memory configurations.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy M23 5G also comes with a memory configuration of 6/128 GB only. However, when it was released, this phone was Rp. 200 thousand more expensive than the A23. The price is IDR 3,699,000. Even though it is more expensive, the Galaxy M23 actually has a more minimalist sales package

Because, head charger absent in the sales box. This is different from the Galaxy A23 sales package which still includes the head charger, although the power that can be transferred is limited to 15W. For the USB C cable, SIM card ejector, and documents, both phones still have it.


Galaxy A23 and Galaxy M23 5G are sold at the same price level. However, both phones have their own specialties, so it doesn’t bother potential buyers. For those who want to experience excellent photography skills, they can choose the Galaxy A23.

The reason is clear, this cellphone has OIS which can maximize photo creations in conditions low light. Meanwhile, for those who expect fast performance with 5G connectivity support, they can choose the Galaxy M23 5G. Now it all depends on your preferences!