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Junebe this is the reason Bigetron RA's performance declines in the PMPL ID Season 2 Playoffs

Perhaps this is the reason why Bigetron RA’s performance declined in the PMPL ID Season 2 playoffs.

As we previously knew, the PMPL ID Season 2 event ended some time ago.

Where Aerowolf Linux came out as the champion, followed by Aura eSports in second position and also Boom eSports in third position.

One unique thing is in the final standings of the PMPL ID Season 2 playoffs, where the best PUBG Mobile team at this time, Bigetron, is in 10th position.

This is of course very surprising, even though BTR RA itself is not an arbitrary team and its decline in the PMPL playoffs this time has become a big question.

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Why did a team like Bigetron appear so disappointing since the start of the playoffs?

About that SPIN Esports There are 2 reasons why Bigetron’s performance is less than satisfactory in PMPL this time.

Dabbling new strategies?

The first reason is that they try new strategies in order to expand their knowledge and be able to perform optimally in the SEA Finals later.

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Their Performance Really Dropped/Other Teams Performance Improved?

The second reason is that their performance has really decreased in this event considering that they have definitely qualified for the SEA and that makes them maybe rarely practice or take PMPL lightly.

Or the performance of other teams has improved more than Bigetron, especially Aerowolf who was very dominant during the 3 days of the playoffs.

That’s the reason why Bigetron RA’s performance declined in the PMPL ID Season 2 playoffs version of SPIN Esports.

But remember one more thing this is just a mere prediction whose truth cannot be ascertained.

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