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Jokowi Starts Interested in Mobile Legends

Since the popularity of the Mobile Legends game, the government and the media have begun to highlight the game. This is evidenced by the tweet of Mr. President Joko Widodo who is interested in the Mobile Legends game.

“At first I didn’t even know what e-sport was? What are Mobile Legends? Long time know. I asked Kaesang. Ask to be taught. Teach me, please,” said Jokowi to

The sentence was uttered when President Joko Widodo met one of the Mobile Legends players, JessNoLimit, at the Young On Top National Conference. The Mobile Legends fever seems to have hit all over Indonesia. Thanks to its popularity, E-Sports has begun to be recognized in Indonesia, this has been proven by the MSC 2022 event which was broadcast by private TV some time ago.

“This means that in the future we will compete. Not muscles, but this (eSports),” said Jokowi in response to eSports.

Even so, unfortunately, until now, government support has not been seen in the eSports sector. However, Jokowi lately seems to be active and curious about this eSports. Even Mr. Jokowi is rumored to be opening the SEACA eSports event and also WESG 2022. Hopefully this step will make eSports more developed in Indonesia.