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Jess No Limit Reveals His First Meeting with Sisca Kohl

Jess No Limit Reveals His First Meeting with Sisca Kohl

Recently, the public was shocked by one of the former EVOS Legends pro players, Tobias “Jess No Limit” Justin, who is officially dating Sisca Kohl.

The reason is, the two successful YouTubers from Indonesia have previously often made content together until finally they are now officially a couple.

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However, having a different background from the content they make, of course, many fans are quite curious about how the two of them first met.

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Thanks to Jessica Jane’s Prank

Photo via Jessica Jane

Through a recent vlog uploaded through Jess No Limit’s YouTube channel, he and Sisca Kohl finally shared their experiences and answered questions about their relationship.

In addition, he also recounted the beginning of his meeting as well as his introduction which started from his fun to do pranks on Jessica Jane, the younger sister of Jess No Limit.

“Jessica is making a video, imitating Ayang (Sisca Kohl) like that, eating foods that make you feel like you have ramen with chocolate, just weird food. Then I thought like asking ayang to prank Jessica. Then I immediately contacted Sisca guys, thank God Sisca wanted to,“said the former EVOS Legends player.

But unfortunately, the meeting took place virtually due to the high number of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

“The first time we met, it was Virtual, because at that time Covid was at its highest. So meet on videocall, “ he added.

So, that was the beginning of Jess No Limit’s and Sisca’s meeting until finally the two of them officially decided to date.

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