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Jeixy Ready To Open Transfer From Morph Team!

Jeixy is rumored to be opening an open transfer from Morph Team!

Esports teams in Indonesia have developed a lot and also more and more Pro Players are born every year.

There are also many surprising things that often happen from every Esports team from various very interesting divisions.

Just like the original sports divisions, these teams also have the right to transfer players, leave, and others.

Like the news that came out of one of the big PUBG Mobile teams in Indonesia Morph Team a few days ago.

It was heard that one of the Morph players was Jeixy will be planned to open transfer for any team.

Open Transfer For Morph Team!

According to what the General Manager of Morph Team said, Angelina Vivian, or commonly called Toska, on Youtube Revival TV on October 6, 2022, it’s true that the Morph Team opened Open Transfer.

The story is that we are planning to overhaul the PUBG Mobile team, so we are doing this open transfer. Whether later there will be players who stay or will all be replaced, that will still be determined later, ” said Angelina.

This was straightened out because previously there was news that Jeixy would be the one who would do the Open Transfer while the other players would not.

But Toska in his interview mentioned that this open transfer applies to all team members.

Like what was said above, that Morph will try to overhaul his PUBG Mobile team for the better.

One thing we can take again from the interview with Toska in the video is that the former player Evos esports it doesn’t match the rest of the Morph players.

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The playing style shown by Jeixxy is very good and very experienced, but unfortunately can’t connect with other Morph players.

This Jeixy doesn’t match the playing style of the other Morph players. So this is what made us open transfers to Jeixy, and we also believe he will be much better with his new team later.” Toska said in her interview.

That way, the focus for Morph Team’s open transfers is actually focused on one player, but other players are also open to open transfers for all teams who want it.

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