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It's called being able to hit BTR RA, this is the answer to 2k Voin!

Voin 2K’s answer to the statement can break BTR Ra on PMPL ID Season 2!

Last Week 2, a caster El Dogee said seeing the game in the previous week he believed that BTR could be broken by the Underdogs.

One of which is 2K coinsthe team that is currently at the bottom of PMPL Season 2.

Week 3 has passed, and Voin 2K is still in position 21 of the 24 teams playing in PMPL Season 2.

The team, which consists of players from non-pro backgrounds, has a target to enter the top 16 in order to enter PMPL Season 3 in the future.

Is it true that it can hit BTR Ra in PMPL Season 2?

To quote the words that say that underdog teams can successfully break down the four aliens, VOINkuntuL or Daniel as the Founder of the VOIN team answered the statement.

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He said that Voin will focus first on our own points, how not to be too soon.

For the problem of breaking into us won’t did it on purpose to BTR Ra.

To crash on purpose we wouldn’t do that to any team let alone we’re newcomers, so here we respect the old team’s compounds.” said Daniel.

With that being said, Voin hasn’t planned to follow what El Dogee said yet.

Voin also plans not to hit or target any team because they are newcomers, so they will focus on their own points first.

Strategy for the future

Of course every team needs a strategy to win every match that is followed.

2K coins have no plans to raise their points yet. So far the strategy will stay the same and make a good rotation in PMPL Season 2.

As for the strategy, there is no change, it seems that we are just trying to focus more and pray a lot so that rotations are taken and we get a supportive zone.” said Daniel.

What do you think as PUBG Mobile fans, guys? Let’s support the teams that have just entered the world of esports, they will be able to develop more in the future.

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