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Is This Character The Next FF Awakening Character?

Prediction of the Next FF Awakening character!

Free Fire, which is one of the biggest games in Indonesia, has succeeded in making its name high.

Now almost the whole world knows what Free Fire (FF) is, and almost the majority play this game.

There are so many characters that you can use in FF, and each character has their own skills.

Recently character Hayatogetting his Awakening that is Hayato Firebrand. Another character is Kelly also got his Awakening before Hayato.

Who do you think the next character will be?

FF’s Next Awakening Character!

Since the event last August until the beginning of September now, we have been greeted by some cool animated videos.

From there, several characters can be seen who are the main characters in the animated film.

The fun thing is, the two characters who have gotten Awakening are Kelly and Hayato appears in the film.

Uniquely, in the animated film that introduces the map Bermuda Remastered that, the character in the spotlight is Moco.

New characters update FF September

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Yes, the hacker character is the main focus compared to Kelly and Hayato in the animation.

In the latest Free Fire animation video that was just released yesterday, it tells about Hayato’s background and also the reason why Hayato got Awakening.

In the approximately 4 minute long video, it also shows Kelly and Moco who was fighting against the soldiers. Hmmm, that’s interesting!

Is it possible that the appearance Moco which continuously is a leak for us about the next Awakening FF character?

Who exactly is Moco?

Moco is a woman in the Free Fire game who is still 20 years old, and a reliable hacker.

According to his background, Moco always gets the data he wants by hacking the entire computer in question, then running away in an instant.

Moco has skills Hacker’s Eye which can be upgraded to level 6. This skill allows us to see the opponent who was hit by us.

The position of the opponent who is hit by us will be found out for the maximum 5 seconds depending on our level.

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What do you think about Spinners? Do you agree that Moco is the next Awakening character?

Or do you prefer another character as the Awakening character later?

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