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Is it good to play Julian as a jungler or fighter in Mobile Legends Rank?

You guys are confused about which role is right for Julian, whether to play as a jungler or a fighter (exp lane) in rank Mobile Legends? Check out the answer!

Moonton some time ago officially released a new hero named Julian, this hero can be obtained for free by exchanging a special item.

Despite his status as a free hero, Julian’s abilities are terrible. He is good to play in two roles at once, namely fighter or jungler.

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Now about that, maybe some of you are confused about whether it’s good to play Julian as a jungler or fighter when playing rank Mobile Legends? SPIN Esports will provide the answer.

Julian Jungler Is More Effective

Julian Mobile Legends
Photo via ig Mobile Legends Game

Although the author doesn’t doubt Julian’s ability in one-on-one situations with other fighters in the exp lane, but still Julian we recommend playing as a jungler.

His ability is really very reliable as a jungler, even to compete with the current jungler heroes, Julian can be said to be superior.

Because Julian has a lot of combo skills, there are 3 combos that Julian has, a combo for installment damage, a stun combo and an immune combo as well as damage.

Just imagine that there are 3 combos on one hero, not to mention the entire cooldown is very short so players can spam the combo continuously to the opponent.

Besides that, Julian’s mobility and farming speed are also the reasons why we highly recommend playing this hero as a jungler.

Counter Julian mobile legends
Photo via Mobilelegends: Bang Bang

Julian is the best for now as a jungler hero according to SPIN Esports. It’s just that the weakness is the basic attack which is not too painful.

That’s the answer you can get regarding playing Julian as a jungler or fighter (exp lane) when playing rank Mobile Legends.

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