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Interesting Story, Great Game Effects

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is a continuation of the sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes which has been quite popular since it was first released. Fans of this game come from all over the world and are in great demand from various circles. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 was released in June 2022 for various PlayStation (PS) 4 and PC platforms.

Prior to its 2022 launch, the game’s gameplay was showcased on the PlayStation YouTube Channel. In this gameplay, gamers who play the characters in it will fight against a number of monsters with gameplay similar to Dynasty Warriors but has thick RPG elements from the Dragon Quest series.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 was officially released in North America on June 25, 2022 and Europe on June 28, 2022 for PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, the PC version came on June 25, 2022. How is the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 game now? Can it still be played well? How is it progressing?

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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Has an Interesting Story Premise

The story in this game takes place in a region that has been peaceful for thousands of years in the seven kingdoms. However, unlucky there was an ancient prophecy that came true that there would be a great war that could ravage these kingdoms. In the kingdom of Harba, Lazarel and Teresa (main protagonists) who are cousins ​​fend off a sudden and unprovoked attack from the kingdom of Dunisa, where her friend Prince Cesar lives. Accompanied by Desdemona, the royal bodyguard for King Accordia, the two of them travel to Dunisia to confront Cesar, who blames the king of Harba for allegedly murdering his father.

During their journey, Lazarel and Teresa meet various heroes who claim to be from another world from different kingdoms. They agreed to accompany Lazarel and Teresa to investigate the matter of the cause of the war. Finally the war broke out and lasted quite a long time.

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Shortly after a long and difficult battle, a truce was finally reached and Accordia celebrated the end of the war. The King of Accordia suddenly appears with his twin and declares that humanity will be put to death. Disapproved, Lazarel and Teresa confronted the King at the castle of Accordia and fought them.

The twin of King Accordia is revealed as Fractos, Unos’ brother who sparked the war and manipulated all the new troubles between the seven kingdoms. During the chaos, Lazarel and Teresa realize that they are not cousins ​​as thought, but twins and also descendants of Unos. By uniting their powers together, they destroyed Fractos and later became the new rulers of Accordia.

Convenient Gameplay for Map Exploration

In the midst of Lazarel and Teresa’s journey, they will fight various monsters with gameplay similar to Dynasty Warriors but have RPG elements typical of Dragon Quest. There are also Non Playable Characters (NPC) and more quests available so that you as gamers will be free to explore the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 map more widely than before. In addition, the uniqueness of this game is that there is also a new feature, namely co-op so you can play this game with other players.

Still the same as the previous Dragon Quest game which adopted a hack and slash game. You as a player can actively use swords and other abilities to fight enemies that interfere with your journey. Well, the good thing is that you will be more free to choose whether you want to continue fighting the enemy or just enter the cities in the game.

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Players can freely explore each area, but there are some areas that can only be accessed when you complete the main story. During the storyline, players will get an “invitation stone” which is a monument that can be used to teleport to places you have visited. The main city in this game is called Zelbion.

Have Interesting Character Effects and Features

You will be ready to be excited, because you cannot guess when the enemy will appear. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 places random appearances of enemies on your journey in the game. In addition, items and weapons will also be widely scattered on the map, sometimes they are hidden and have a good ultimate, you have to be observant to see where the ultimate weapon and item is hidden.

What’s unique about this game that is rarely found in other games is that it can have an effect on the character you use. For example, when fighting in the rain, there will be a curse effect on your character. Meanwhile, the big change that also happens is the class feature used by the protagonist. Here, you can change your character where the weapons and powers will also change. There are several classes available including Artist, Mage, Monk, Thief and Warrior. Weapon dealers that you meet in the game can provide skills for the weapons you use randomly depending on the skill of the character you have.

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Have weapons and clothes that are also more varied, don’t forget to be more beautiful and can change according to the equipment you use. The use of accessories can also increase character stats in the game Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

Save Sharing and Online Multiplayer Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Another feature is the save sharing feature which allows players to get unique items or weapons if they have save data from other Dragon Quest games. For example, if you have save data from the game Dragon Quest I you will get Luceus and Aurora. If you have save data from Dragon Quest Builders, you will get “Builders Wooden Hammer”.

The additional online multiplayer features in the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 game make it even more fun to play. You and your friends as players will be more free to control the characters you play because they will not be as passive as RPG games usually.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Has Unique Graphics

Even though the characters are anime, the graphics displayed are quite stunning. Starting from views of trees, forests, mountains and expanses of green grass and a majestic kingdom, this game spoils the eyes of the players. Not to forget, the character created by Akira Toriyama gives a unique character form in each series, which is at least similar to the Dragon Ball character.

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