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Interesting Facts about Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Last year, Electronic Arts and BioWare surprise by announcing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Many of the fans question what will come from this series. Based on the information, this game is a complete compilation as well as a version remastered from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3.

Through its trailer, EA has also announced the official release schedule for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which is June 14, 2022. In the video we can see how far the visual enhancements they bring. In addition, the graphics they present are no less beautiful.

Comes With More Beautiful Visuals

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will come with a series of very crucial technical updates. This is a revision of the original Mass Effect. In version remastered In this case, the controls in the game are much more perfect. BioWare doesn’t even hesitate to make very specific improvements, such as fixing the controls on the Mako car.

In addition, they have changed the UI elements to be much more modern. Combat presented later will also feel much more balanced than the original game. For Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, BioWare actually doesn’t need to apply too many updates outside of the visual side.

For the visuals themselves, the developer also doesn’t just increase the resolution of the texture assets. Some assets even have to be updated one by one, for example, such as the face details of the characters in the game. Techniques like ambient occlusion It has also been implemented in all three games, not just half-assed in Mass Effect 3.

Comes With 40 DLC Content

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition | BioWare

For you gamers PCBioWare ensures that you can run Mass Effect: Legendary Edition without restrictions frame rate a little bit. You can run at 4K resolution with HDR effects if your PC is able to run it. You can also enjoy fantastic planet-by-planetary views on the monitor by using ultra-wide (21:9).

For character customization itself, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition offers uniform customization options between the first, second, and third games. Options that were previously only available in Mass Effect 3 are now also available in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

In addition, there will be more than 40 DLC content available in the Legendary Edition. However, none of the content is completely new. Developer only brings mode multiplayer Mass Effect 3 trimmed. Overall, this game sounds pretty promising, both for fans of the original trilogy.

Those are some interesting facts about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition which is one of the game series that RPG game lovers have been waiting for. What do you think about this game? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion together Game Funda through the comments column below!