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Interesting Facts about Bigetron Red Aliens During PMGC 2022, Where is BTR ALice?

Here are some interesting facts about Bigetron Red Aliens during PMGC 2022!

The Week 3 standings are out and several teams have entered the Top 16 and are ready to welcome the last Super Weekend of the week.

Bigetron Red Aliens, one representative from Indonesia managed to keep their points and is still at the top of the standings until now.

Before welcoming Weekdays in the last week, where the week of determination for 24 teams, who will enter the Grand Finals, let’s first look at some facts!

The facts below are a collection of the teams that are currently at the top of the standings, namely: Bigetron Red Aliens.

Of course you are curious about facts like whether BTR Alice is playing, what happened in their GH, let’s look at the facts!

Bigetron RA Interesting Facts During PMGC 2022!

BTR Alice Wants To Play, But Doesn’t Work

As we know, there should be 5 roasters from BTR RA, where the fifth player is a beautiful angel, BTR Alice.

btr alice pmpl season 2, BTR Alice

Alice has a lot of fans, especially the Bigetroopers, who are currently wondering if PMGC will play?

Isfan Satria, The manager of Bigetron Red Aliens, said in an interview with the caster at the live PUBG Mobile Esports, that Alice actually wanted to be played at PMGC.

It’s just that Alice’s current condition does not allow her to play, because it is said that she has a spinal problem, and is currently returning home.

“Actually, from the start, I wanted to be played with, it’s just that the person was sick, so he went home to hammer. He has a spinal problem, that’s why I ask netizens and Bigetroopers to pray for him to get well soon.” Isfan said.

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Zuxxy Luxxy is having an exam during PMGC

At this age, of course you can guess that the tachibana twins are still in school.

btr luxxy zuxxy

They need to complete their education although on the one hand they also have to carry a good name for Indonesia in the world of PUBG Mobile.

Therefore, because the school period is in the exam period, they also take exams when the PMGC is in progress.

Last week, they only came to the GH on Saturday according to Isfan, so Thursday and Friday the two players were still focused on the exam.

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Aerowolf Comes to Game Hous Bigetron RA

As we know, Indonesia contributed 2 teams, the other team, Aerowolf Limax, was in a bad position.

Now Aerowolf is at the bottom of Super Weekend, and Isfan said he would invite them to GH to train mentally.

According to Isfan, Aerowolf is in a shock phase because they are in the bottom position while in the previous tournament they were always in the top position.

They’re from PMPL Indo, to PMPL SEA, they get smelly winds, they’re always on top, and when they fall they don’t know how to bounce back. But when they do this and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean it’s bad.” Isfan said.

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So, those are some interesting facts from the Bigetron Red Aliens team at PMGC 2022 that some of you might not know!

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