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Instagram Official Windows 10 Mobile is starting to appear!

Talking about Windows 10 Mobile, maybe Windows Phone users like happiness in themselves, because Microsoft has promised a lot for Windows 10 mobile users, and of course it’s not just a promise.

Indeed, many Windows Phone users feel disappointed because Microsoft’s promises are often delayed from the schedule. for example on the promise of the release of Windows 10 Mobile Final version.

But even though Microsoft’s promises are often delayed from the schedule, Microsoft is slowly starting to prove to Windows Phone users who are loyal to their promises.

After yesterday I once reported that Microsoft bought Xamarin, (read: Microsoft Officially Purchased Xamarin!), now Microsoft seems to be proving the result of a Porting App, the Porting app this time is Official Instagram App for Windows 10 Mobile.

Here is the official Instagram video ported by IOS:

In the video above, we can see how Instagram works on Windows 10 Mobile, and in terms of appearance, Instagram ported from IOS does have the exact same resemblance. Yes, although most Windows Phone users are comfortable with 3rd party applications made by Rudy Hun, namely 6tags.

Starting from Skin, features are more like being able to directly download images and videos without having to install other applications. But 6tag is still less fast in loading something, be it a video image or something else, compared to the official Instagram application.

The video above looks like the Instagram application is still in the stage of refinement. and most importantly, the Instagram Official App will be Universal Windows Apps (UWA) which means it can also be used on a PC.

most likely, in the future there will be many more official ported IOS applications for Windows 10 Mobile.

But what do you think about Instagram which will soon appear on Windows 10 Mobile? will you still use the 6tag app or use the Instagram Official app and say Goodbye on 6tag? or will you use both? let’s share your opinion in the comments column below.