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Indonesian Horror Game, The Scary is More Loud

DreadOut – With an Indonesian background that is thick with many mystical things, of course we often hear horror stories since we were little. The horrors of stories about places, ghosts and legends of objects are things that we often hear over time. This certainly affects how these horror stories develop in the minds of the Indonesian people as a whole. If you like playing games and want to experience the taste of Indonesia, then DreadOut game is the answer. What is DreadOut? For those who don’t know, DreadOut is a children’s game that takes the background of Indonesian horror and ghost stories.

Horror games it was first introduced globally in 2014 entitled DreadOut and was followed by Dreadout: Keepers of The Dark which launched a year later. This game made by Digital Happiness has attracted a lot of attention. Starting from web game reviews to Youtuber gamers, they even review how the DreadOut game storylines. What do you think makes this DreadOut fun? Still fun to play now?

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DreadOut Game Storyline

Linda and her friends, namely Ira, Shelly, Yayan, Doni, and their teacher, Ibu Siska, are on a trip. They find a broken bridge leading to a mysterious foggy old town. Because Mrs. Siska took the wrong road so she crossed the bridge instead. They finally entered the unknown city. They stopped the car to see what was going on in the city of nowhere. However, Doni and Yayan suddenly disappeared from the group. Fearing that something might happen, Linda and her other friends looked for Doni and Yayan. In the end the search led them to an old school with circumstances around the 1980s.

It turned out that Yayan and Doni, who had disappeared earlier, were admiring the large old school. Out of curiosity, Linda and her friends entered. Here, DreadOut begins, Linda begins to experience a terrifying adventure with the wandering spirits that inhabit the old school.

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DreadOut Appears in 2 Episodes

Game DreadOut appears with 2 episodes in a game. Although the form of the game is episodic, luckily the storyline can be maintained until the end. However, you will feel that it turns out that one episode of the game can be completed in only 2-3 hours, or if you can solve the puzzle faster even 60 minutes is enough. Eits, but you don’t underestimate the power of the storyline and the horror that is built, you know. Because it can make you look left and right to check if you are accompanied by one of the spirits when playing this game.

Defeating Ghosts Through HP Cameras

The cellphone camera becomes Linda’s weapon to explore the old school in the spooky city where she and her friends are trapped. Also equipped with a candle for lighting, you will be invited by Linda to explore meeting Indonesian ghosts in this game. In the first episode, you will exorcise ghosts by taking photos of the existing ghosts to make them disappear. While exorcising ghosts, you also have to solve the puzzles.

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In addition, when you play DreadOut, this game also provides a pretty awesome visual effect. One of them is the visual effect when approaching a ghost, the side of the game screen will have a red hue and Linda’s figure will curl up a little in fear. It’s different again when the side of the screen turns blue which means approaching an area with collectible objects or clues about puzzles. However, don’t think this effect will make it easier for you. In fact, it makes you even more depressed because the ghost in the game likes to appear suddenly in the middle, you have to look for other clues.

Selection of Different Ending Based on Dialogue

In the second episode, you will lose the ability to counterattack ghosts. Even though DreadOut episode 2 does not add new features, you will still feel the tension of the game as well as the difficulty of the puzzles that can be solved.

There is the most exciting part you know in this second episode, because you can choose two endings from the selection of dialogue and certain game conditions. In fact, because of the election you cannot know the fate of Linda and her friends who are trapped in the haunted city. The atmosphere is also much more eerie when compared to the first episode, especially when you hear giggling sounds in the middle of the dark night in a large school building.

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Conclusion: DreadOut Game, Still Fun to Play?

Although launched a few years ago, this game is quite fun to try. Plus the problems or challenges that exist in the game are very close to our lives. Starting from the ghost of kuntilanak, genderuwo, pocong and pig ngepet to sundel bolong you can find in this game. Well, because of this closeness, DreadOut is able to present a unique and interesting horror experience. However, unfortunately the short game time makes the tension that is built less than optimal so that the jumpscare is not optimal. For those of you who really like horror and puzzles, then this game is suitable for you to try.

DreadOut Game Minimum Specifications:

  • OS: Win 7/8
  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz/ AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT/ AMD Radeon HD 3830/ Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • HDD: 5GB