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Incubator FF August 2022, Presents a Special Bundle!

The Incubator FF event is back in August 2022. The Incubator FF event is an event that players have always been waiting for. Because in this event, there were a lot of cool bundles distributed by Garena.

Especially in the Incubator FF event this time, Garena presents a bundle called Gangster Rap. What does the bundle look like? Come on, let’s look at the following review.

FF Incubator Coming in August 2022

Incubator Ff
Incubator FF | GGWP

The Incubator FF event is the most interesting and eagerly awaited event on Free Fire. In this event, there were lots of cool and interesting bundles distributed by Garena. Therefore, the presence of this event in each season is always eagerly awaited by players.

The presence of the Incubator event itself in August was not predicted beforehand. So the possibility of the presence of the FF Incubator in August is to enliven the 4th anniversary of Free Fire. This event also coincides with the Quiz Anniversary Event which also provides attractive prizes.

To get a bundle at the Incubator FF event, it’s certainly not free. You need to top up diamonds first before you can have the Incubator FF bundle. Because to get a special bundle in this FF Incubator, players must have diamonds to spin.

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Introducing the Gangster Rap Bundle

Incubator FF August 2021
Incubator FF | GGWP

This August 2022 Incubator FF event presents a Bundle called Bundle Gangster Rap. To be able to get the bundle, you have to do gacha through the Luck Royale Incubator. Well, as previously mentioned, you have to do a Diamond Top Up first.

Here are the spin prices for this FF Incubator Event:

  • 1x Spins: 60 Diamonds FF/1x Incubator Voucher
  • Spin 5x: 240 Diamond FF

In addition to passing gacha via spin, you can also get the bundle by exchanging it for items called Blueprint Phantom and Evolution Stone. To collect these items, you can get them when you do the Luck Royale Incubator gacha.

The following are the prizes for the August 2022 FF Incubator

  • Big Bucks Rapper Bundle = 8 Evolution Stones + 3 Blueprints: Phantom
  • Bundle Big Bucks Vibe = 8 Evolution Stones + 3 Blueprints: Phantom
  • Joker Rapper Bundle = 5 Evolution Stones + 2 Blueprints: Phantom
  • Joker Vibe Bundle = 5 Evolution Stones + 2 Blueprints: Phantom
  • Nemesis Rapper Bundle = 2 Evolution Stones + 1 Blueprint: Phantom
  • Nemesis Vibe Bundle = 2 Evolution Stone + 1 Blueprint: Phantom

The more Blueprient Panthom and Evolution Stones you collect, the higher you can win the Gangster Rap FF bundle.

That’s the discussion about Incubator FF August 2022. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.