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Impact of Corona Virus, Bandai Namco Finally Postpones the 2022 Tekken World Tour Tournament

Bandai finally Namco Postpone Tekken World Tour Tournament

Recently Bandai Namco Announced in its Press Release that it is with a heavy heart that it has to postpone implementation Tekken World Tour which started with the Tokyo Tekken Masters Tournament event this year. They want all parties to understand the decision they made because it was none other than the Corona virus outbreak.

With the postponement, it is known that Bandai Namco also wants to reschedule the Tokyo Tekken Masters tournament so that it can be carried out safely and peacefully. They also thanked fans and competitors for their understanding, patience and consideration for Bandai Namco’s decision.

For your information, Bandai Namco promises to provide updated information about Tekken World Tour in the future. At least until the virus outbreak starts to subside.