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IGN Editorial Staff Writes Open Letter Protesting Deletion of Palestine Donation Posts

The entire editorial staff of IGN has written an open letter to management regarding the removal of posts supporting donations for Palestine. They were disappointed and protested against the management of the company which had deleted the post of the Palestinian donation recently.

Of course, this open letter from the staff editors made the internal conflicts at IGN even more heated.

Palestine Donation Content Removal

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The American IGN some time ago had created support content for Palestine. However, this was met with opposition from its branch office in Tel Aviv, namely IGN Israel. IGN Israel strongly protests the endorsement content that has been created and published by IGN America.

As a result, after getting the protest, IGN America deleted the content supporting Palestine that they previously published. Not only that, IGN America released a new statement stating that they only acted in one direction and admitted that their actions were wrong.

IGN Editorial Staff Releases Open Letter

In response to the deletion of this Palestinian donation post, the IGN editorial staff then released an open letter to management. They tell everything that has happened behind this controversy. Through the open letter, IGN’s editorial staff strongly condemned the removal of Palestinian-supported content.

They also said that this act of deletion was an inhumane act that had been carried out by IGN officials. Around 60 editorial staff signed the open letter. In this open letter, the editorial staff of IGN said that their autonomy and journalistic freedom had been usurped by IGN corporations.

In addition, they also mentioned in the open letter that the decision to remove Palestinian-supported content was purely the decision of the Management. At the end of the letter, it was written that the editors of IGN asked the management and J2 Global to reactivate articles of support for Palestine.

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