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If you enter the UPoint Esports Finals, this is the team RRQ Ash wants to fight!

If you enter the UPoint Esports Finals, this is the team RRQ Ash wants to fight!

The UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2 has already started to get tense with each team showing their trump card.

One of the teams that succeeded in showing an impressive performance in the tournament was RRQ Mika, who seemed to have found the chemistry between players.

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The reason is, the team managed to record a pretty good match record after being unbeaten in the group stage and at the same time successfully holding a draw with BTR Era, which often dominates. scene ladies Mobile Legends.

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RRQ Ash Ready to Face Anyone

Photo via UPoint

The slick performance shown by RRQ Mika certainly made the team now one of the best teams to advance to the final round.

This is certainly not too much considering that in the last few tournaments, RRQ Ash cs have performed quite consistently.

Until finally, he himself received questions from Abed Ansel and Thalia Limberly about which team he would like to face if he entered the final round of the UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2.

“Meeting with anyone who has qualified for the grand final round, because if they meet in the grand final, it means they have the right to do so,” said the jungler RRQ Mika.

Seeing the increasing distribution of female players in the competitive Mobile Legends scene, of course Ash’s statement is not surprising.

The reason is, all teams certainly have a big enough opportunity to become champions at the UPoint Esports Invitational Season 2.

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