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How to use the PeduliLindung application, the terms and registration

Method Using the CareProtect App – Currently, the Indonesian government has established an application PeduliLindungi to be an application that must be used by the entire community in terms of the requirements that must be had if the community wants to take a trip that is in need.

This requirement must be owned by all Indonesian people who currently want to make a trip using either land, sea or air transportation. Then there are a lot of people who don’t know about creating an account to protect and how to use it.

Therefore, in this article, Mimin will share a complete tutorial on the Care Protect application and how to use the Care Protect application for those of you who currently don’t know about creating an account and how to use it, which you can immediately refer to in the following review.

How to Create a CaresProtect Account

How to Create a CaresProtect Account

Before you listen to a How to Use Care Protect Application, you must first know about how to create a Care Protect account so that you can easily use the application if you already have an account.

Then how do I create a caringprotect account? Relax because Mimin has shared a method and tutorial that you can see in the following review.

  1. First you download or first download the careprotect application on Google PlayStore or AppStore
  2. Once installed, you can directly open the application
  3. Then you can immediately allow location, storage and camera access
  4. Next you can create an account with the full and original name according to the ID card, fill in the cellphone number and NIK (KTP number)
  5. Click register, enter the OTP code sent to the mobile number
  6. Click Confirm
  7. Done, you have managed to have a caringprotect account

Now if you already have an account, you only need to log in to the Care Protect application with a registered mobile number, then enter the OTP code to perform a verification sent via SMS.

That’s an easy way that you can do to create a CareProtective account, if you already have a CareProtective account, now you can directly listen to How to Use the CareProtective Application which I have shared in the following tutorial.

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How to Use the Cares Protect Application on HP

How to Use the Cares Protect Application on HP

How to use or use an application of careprotect for travel conditions is something that is not difficult for you to do. Therefore, you can immediately see how and the tutorial below.

  1. Open the mobile device that you have
  2. Enter the careprotect application and log in using the mobile number that you have registered
  3. Enter the OTP code that was sent via SMS
  4. If you have successfully logged in, then you will see an initial display of the application
  5. There are several Menu buttons such as Scan QR Code, Vaccine Registration, Important Info, Travel Diary, Teledoctor and Digital Passport
  6. Now if you want to use a protective application as a travel condition, you can directly press the digital passport menu
  7. After that, a sub menu of Covid test results and vaccine certificates will appear
  8. Then you can press the Covid test results sub menu to provide proof of the Covid-19 test results that you have done
  9. Done

Then how to scan the barcode in the Care Protect application, calm down how to scan the barcode in the Care Protect application, a thing that is not difficult for you to do because Mimin has shared a method that you can see below.

How to Scan a Barcode in the Cares Protect Application

How to scan barcodes in the Care Protect application is actually not difficult, but there are still many people who don’t know about it, therefore Mimin has shared a method and tutorial that you can get as follows.

  1. First as usual, you open first application and login with the account you already have
  2. After you enter the application using the account you already have, you select Menu Scan QR Code
  3. Then you can Scan the QR code which is at the entrance location and you can immediately give the results of the QR Code Scan to the available officers
  4. Then you just have to wait for a result, what are you? allowed to enter or not.
  5. If you have a green result, then you will be allowed to enter, but if the light is yellow, then you have to do a QR Code verification again, and if the result is red, you will automatically not be allowed to enter. .

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How ? Is it quite helpful and understandable, hopefully the reviews that I have shared can be useful and become new knowledge that you can get, you can also check out other recent articles only at, see you again, thank you.