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How to Turn Big in Mobile Legends Survival Mode

Survival Mode is now available in Mobile Legends, this mode is quite unique considering that this game is of the Moba genre, not Battle Royale. For now you can play this Survival Mode, of course the style of play will be different from usual. To win you just need to be the last one to survive. Of course, to survive, you must have adequate items, such as Build and Spell. If you have played Survival Mode, you must have met an opponent with a larger form than usual, or you have experienced it yourself. Confused about why this can happen, it turns out that everyone can do this easily. But with some conditions that must be met in order to transform into a large.

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Use Build In accordance Type

The first thing to do is to use Build according to its type. The type in question is the type of Hero used, in Survival Mode there are 3 types of Hero types, namely Physical, Magical, and Defense. To be able to turn into a giant Hero you must have a similar Build. If it is not the same, then in your Build column there will be an exclamation point indicating that the Build used is not the same as the Hero used.

Use Build Stage End

After the builds used are all similar to the heroes used, then the condition for being big is to use the final build. The build in question is a ready-made build, not an early-stage build. It’s a bit difficult for you if you’re still not familiar with this Item Build. As an example like the picture above.

Set Build Must Complete

After all the Build conditions have been met, now it’s just a matter of making a Set Build. To be able to make a Set Build Hero, you can’t use a shoe build, which means you have to build all of the final stages. Which means it takes 6 similar builds to be called a Set Build. If you manage to make a Set Build and have met all of the above conditions, the Hero will turn out to be bigger than usual. And not only that, your Hero will also be stronger because you get additional attributes.