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How To Solve The Problem Can't Login Google Play On Dragon Nest Mobile

Often when going to login to the game there are several problems, one of which is a problem with Google Play Login. For those of you who have problems when logging in to Google Play, you don’t need to worry, because there are several tips to overcome this. Before discussing how to solve it, it’s a good idea to know the cause of this can happen, along with the causes.

1. Servers maintenance

One of the most common things, but not many people know about it. When the Server is in Maintenance you will not be able to login and will be stuck at Google Play Login. Therefore you just need to wait until the Maintenance is complete.

2. Connection Internet

For this problem has become a common thing that often happens. Internet connection is very influential in game performance, so check your Internet speed before playing


3. There is Lots cache

The number of Chances in storage can also cause the above to happen. Therefore, it is routine to clean the cache on the cellphone storage.

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After you know some of the causes of the above can happen, then how to overcome them. To fix this, there are 2 ways you can do, here’s how.

Method 1 Overcome Problem Google Login

1. Go to Settings» Application.

2. Then Clear cache/data of all Google Play Apps, such as Google Play services, Google Play Store, Google Play Games, and ect.

3. Remove and reinstall Dragon Nest M.

4. Then Login again and see the results.

Notes: Make sure you have linked your account to Google Play Games first.

Method 2 Resolve Problem Google Logine

If the first method doesn’t work, please try this second method.
Notes: Make sure you have the google play games application.

1. Open settings.

2. Open the app and see Google play services.

3. Disable Google play services then uninstall.

4. Return to the login screen on Dragon Nest M.

5 Try logging in using your Google account. Good luck.

Those are some ways to solve Google Play Login problem on Dragon Nest M SEA. If the above method still doesn’t work, please send the problem to Customer Service.