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How to set Apex Legend to run smoothly when playing for PC Low

Previously, you already know, dong… with this one game. Yapss, Apex Legend game is very popular at the moment. But not many people can play this game, because this game is a very heavy game. So, it can only be played by laptops with high specifications. But don’t worry, this time Mimin will share how to set it so that you can play Apex Legend with your standard laptop.

Here’s how to set it up:

Display Mode : Full Screen

Aspect Ratio : 16.9 (Native)

Resolution : 1920 x 1080 (Native)

Brightness : 50%

Field of view : 104

Sprint view Shake : Normal

V-Sync : Disabled

Adaptive Resolution FPS Target : 100

Adaptive Supersampling : Disabled

Anti-Aliasing : TSAA

Texture Streaming Budget : None

Texture Filtering : Bilinear

Ambient Occlusion Quality : Disabled

Sun Shadow Coverage : Low

Sun Shadow Detail : Low

Spot Shadow Details: Disabled

Volumetric Lighting : Disabled

Dynamic Spot Shadow : Disabled

Model Details : Medium

Effects Detail : Medium

Impact Marks : Low

Ragdolls : High


Additional tips:

  • Setting the battery to high performance
  • Use game booster
  • Close all files
  • Laptop with charger

After all the settings have been done, restart your laptop and feel the difference