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How To Separate Gloo Wall Button And Grenade FF

On this occasion, Dafunda Game will share a few tips on how to separate the Gloo Wall and FF Grenade buttons. Currently, Free Fire is doing a massive update by presenting many interesting features. The developer hopes that players will continue to experience new nuances and never get tired of playing Free Fire.

One of the updates this time is the separation of the Gloo Wall and Grenade buttons. Even though it was just released on the advance server, you should know this feature. For those of you who can’t enter the advance server, make sure to check out the reviews we’ve summarized below.

On the advanced Free Fire server that Garena present this time, you can already separate the Gloo wall and Grenade buttons. When playing later, 2 buttons will appear which will certainly make it easier for you when using these two items.

However, players can still use 1 button for both items because maybe many players are used to using 1 button. Because splitting the buttons will increase screen usage and can be distracting.

How to Separate Gloo Wall and Grenade FF

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