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How to Overcome the No Sound Mic Bug in PUBG Mobile!

Junebe in playing PUBG Mobile the most annoying thing is the mic bug that causes no sound in PUBG Mobile.

How not with this bug, we can’t communicate smoothly with teammates.

Even though in playing PUBG Mobile, communication between teammates is really needed by the players.

This aims to find out the movement of the enemy, the location of the enemy, the rotation of our team and so on.

But what happens if communication between players is disrupted by this sound bug? Calm down spinners, we have a solution for you.

How to Fix Sound Bug in PUBG Mobile

How to solve this bug is very easy and even very fast, there are three ways to solve it:

Clear PUBG Mobile Cache Data

The first thing you have to do is clear cache data from your PUBG Mobile game, this method is quite effective in eliminating mic bugs in your game.

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Logout and Log Back

Then the second way is to log out of your PUBG Mobile account, after that then log back into your PUBG Mobile account.

This method is very effective for overcoming the mic bug on PUBG Mobile and has been successful by many players.


The last way that players often do is relog, where you have to exit your PUBG Mobile application.

After that, go back into the application.

Those are some ways to solve the no sound mic bug while playing PUBG Mobile.

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