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How to Get Slasher Free Fire (FF) Keyboard Skin

Free Fire as a very popular Battle Royale game in Indonesia always provides the latest skins and updates. Well, this time Garena has prepared the Slasher Free Fire (FF) Keyboard Skin that you can get from now on.

Of course, the appearance of the keyboard skin is very cool. Of course, because of its cool appearance, many are eyeing the melee skin. Are you one of the players who want to get the skin?

If yes, you are at right place. Because this time we will share how to get the Slasher Free Fire Keyboard skin.

Slasher Free Fire Keyboard Skin Display

Slasher Keyboard
Free Fire Slasher Keyboard | GGWP

Before going into the discussion about how to get this Slasher Free Fire (FF) Keyboard skin, it’s better if we discuss how it looks first. You need to know that this skin is included in the Legendary melee skin. Because it is a “legendary” skin, of course this is a good opportunity for you if you want to get it.

The appearance itself is similar to a music keyboard complete with black and white keys. On the other hand, the red color dominates with the black color combination on the handle.

The most interesting thing about this skin is the effect it gives when used. The effects that will appear when using this item in the game are the sound of music nodes and a unique special sound when killing enemies. The effects given further add to the coolness of this rare item.

How to Get Slasher Free Fire (FF) Keyboard Skin

Well, now we will discuss how to get this skin. The method is very easy and we think you will be able to apply this method. It doesn’t take long, here’s how.

How To Get Slasher FF Keyboard Skin:

  1. First, open the game on your smartphone.
  2. Play the game first and collect as many Spring Tokens as you can, because these tokens are needed to be exchanged for the Slasher Keyboard Skin.
  3. After collecting enough, enter the Event Menu.
  4. In the Event menu, select Booyah Ramadan 17/4 > Fasting Exchange. Here you can exchange the 30 Spring Tokens to get the Slasher FF Keyboard Skin.

Well, that’s the way to get the Slasher Free Fire Keyboard Skin. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments column below. Continue to visit Dafunda or install the application on the Play Store so you get other Free Fire Tips from us.