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How to Get a Nocturnal Assassin FF Parachute for Free!

The Nocturnal Assassin FF parachute is one of the items that you can get in the FFIM Fall 2022 event on Free Fire. This is good news for those of you who like to collect free items on Free Fire. With this event, you can add to your collection of free FF items that you already have.

So, on this occasion, Dafunda Game will discuss how to get the Nocturnal Assassin’s Parachute. Curious about how? So read on until the end of this article.

About Parachute Nocturnal Assassin FF

Parachute Nocturnal Assassin Ff
Nocturnal Assassin’s Parachute | Daily spin

You can have this Nocturnal Assassin Free Fire parachute for free through the FFIM Fall 2022 Free Fire event. You can get this item from October 20 to October 29, 2022. In total there are 10 days that you can maximize to be able to get these FF items.

Although it can be obtained for free, the appearance of this one parachute skin is not so disappointing. When viewed as a whole, this parachute skin has a red color which in the middle looks a ninja or assassin holding his weapon.

This parachute is perfect for you to wear, especially when combined with a jersey and red pants. So, the appearance of the character you play will look cooler. Well, for how to get it yourself, you can read the review below.

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How to get it

Parachute Nocturnal Assassin FF
Free Fire | Garena

For those of you who want this Nocturnal Assassin FF Parachute Skin, you need to take part in the FFIM Thunder event which starts today, October 20, 2022. In this event, you don’t need to spin to get the parachute skin you’re after. You just need to complete a mission.

The mission is that you must be able to produce 10 thousand damage during the FFIM Rumbling 2022 event. In addition to the main prize, namely the Nocturnal Assassin Parachute skin, you will also get several prizes if you complete several milestones. Here is a complete list of prizes that you can get:

  1. 5000 damage, you are entitled to 2x Cobra Sprinter Loot Crate
  2. 7500 damage, you are entitled to 2x Cobra Sprinter Loot Crate
  3. 10000 damage, you can get the main prize, namely the Nocturnal Assassin FF Parachute.

Apart from some of FFIM’s Rumble missions, there are many other missions for you to complete. And of course behind the mission there are prizes that you can win.

That’s all for a discussion about How to Get a Nocturnal Assassin FF Parachute. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.