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How to Get Free Fire (FF) Iconic Skins

Through the Master ShowCase 2022 event, Garena prepare various attractive prizes. This time we will share how to get the Free Fire (FF) Iconic Skin that is getting a lot of attention. To get it, the developer provides a question and if you answer correctly you will get a Free Fire iconic skin prize.

For those of you who still don’t know, make sure you read this article to the end, so you can find out in detail. This event will officially be given by Garena FF, for sure there will be various kinds of interesting prizes that you can get from this 2022 FFWS event.

For those of you who are curious, here’s how to get the iconic Free Fire skin that many players are looking for Free Fire.

What is Iconic Free Fire?

Dj Alok
Dj Alok | Garena

The iconic words in the Free Fire game itself are a feature that makes this game very popular with many fans. To increase its popularity, Garena presents a lot of iconic things, for example the characters Kelly, Maxim, Misha and also Hayato who have always been iconic in this game.

DJ Alok is Free Fire’s iconic skin from many of the main characters already in the FF game. This is because this skin is very striking compared to existing skins.

Currently, there are many expensive skins available in the Free Fire game. It’s just that maybe from these expensive skins, many players don’t know which ones are iconic or not. Therefore, through this event you have the opportunity to get iconic skins in the Free Fire game.

How to Get Free Fire’s Iconic Skin

To get FF’s iconic skin, you have to answer some questions that the developer has provided at this event. Here are the questions and also the full answers?

Free Fire's Iconic Skin Answer
Free Fire’s Iconic Skin Answer | Garena

The following is a leaked answer to the correct Garena Free Fire ShowCase event answer:

Problem 1

A. Question: Out of the four main characters, one of them uses the iconic FF skin, what is the name of that skin?

B. Answer: Green Dino

Problem 2

A. Question : What color is the pan skin that has the FFWS logo?

B : Answer : Purple or purple

Problem 3

A. Question: In the scene the graffiti artist sits down to play FF ​​or the painting on the wall.

B. Answer: A Red Tree

After answering the questions, make sure you submit your answers by successively answering them, and later you will get a Robot Test and also a Weapon Royale Voucher.

That’s a glimpse of important information about the iconic Free Fire skin that is already here and can be played for you right now.

So that you don’t miss any information and Free Fire Tips more from us, make sure you never get bored to keep visiting Game Funda!