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How to Get Flaming Hollowface Bundle on Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire is a game that is very popular with everyone, especially young people in Indonesia. No wonder the newest Bundle, Flaming Hollowface, is the target of many FF players today. This bundle is pretty cool for you to get.

Well, surely many people are currently looking for a tutorial on how to get it. But. Don’t worry, because in this discussion, Dafunda Game will explain how to get the bundle. So watch this discussion to the end!

Flaming Hollowface Bundle FF Review

Free Fire | Garena

Before going to the method, let’s review a little about the appearance of this one bundle. This bundle looks very cute when you use it. The color itself is very bold, namely a combination of red, black, yellow, and orange, making it like fire and quite frightening.

Because the color is similar to fire, this bundle has a pretty cool fire effect. In addition to the fire effect, there is also a cloak effect that will increase the level of beauty of this bundle. So even then you are very obliged to have this one bundle. You will lose yourself if you can’t get it, you know.

This is the best chance for you to get this bundle. Opportunities will not come a second time. Don’t regret it if you don’t participate in this Flaming Hollowface Bundle FF event. So now hurry up and join this event while the event isn’t over yet.

How to get

Flaming Hollowface Bundle Ff
Flaming Hollowface Bundle FF | Garena

To get the Flaming Hollowface Bundle FF is quite easy. In fact, even if you are small, you can do it too, you know. Because the method is very easy for you to try. We guarantee anyone can do it.

The first way you have to be able to collect the Blueprint and Evo Stone. To get both of these items you can get at Luck Royale. After that, when the Blueprint and Evo Stone have been collected in a certain amount, you can get this one Bundle.

Well, that’s the discussion about how to get this Flaming Hollowface Bundle FF. Hopefully this discussion can help you in playing. Don’t forget to keep visiting Dafunda or install the app on the Play Store so you get more Free Fire Tips from us.