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How to get clothes or costumes for free on PUBG Mobile without top up

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale Game that you can play for free on your Smartphone or PC. Although free, but not all will be free in this Game. For example, clothing or costumes. Clothing or costumes are important assets to make our characters look nicer to look at.

But most of the cool clothes or costumes can only be obtained by Top Up. So you need to use the contents of your wallet if you want to be able to get cool costumes. But don’t worry, there are ways to get clothes or costumes for free without spending a penny. Curious, here’s how to get clothes or costumes for free on PUBG Mobile without even Top Up.

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Login Rewards Player New

For you, new players can get free clothes or costumes just by logging in daily. This daily login reward is intended for new players, so if you miss this opportunity then you can’t get this opportunity again. There is 1 set of clothes, pants, shoes and accessories that you can get for free.

Buy At Shop Soldier’s Create

Most of the time to be able to have cool clothes or costumes, you have to buy using a coupon. The problem is that the coupons here can only be obtained by Top Up, which means using real money. But don’t worry, in PUBG Mobile there is a costume shop that you can buy without using real money. In Shop Soldier’s Create you can buy costume boxes with Gold.

Reward Tier

You can also get clothes or costumes for free if you continue to increase Tier. Every time you advance in rank you can get prizes that have been prepared. You can raise your rank by playing Class Mode often. At least it takes up to the Diamond level to be able to get 1 set of clothes.

Shop Clan

In the latest update, there is now the latest feature, namely Clan. You can join the Clan if the character has reached Level 5. Later in the Clan there will be a Shop that will sell Costumes and Borders that can be purchased using member contributions.

Limited Events

PUBG Mobile developers also often hold events provided for their players. One of these events usually provides a clothing or costume reward. So if there is an event, don’t miss this opportunity. Because usually the event has a time limit which means it has a grace period.

Coupon Free

If you often complete each mission, then you can get costume Coupons for free. You can exchange this coupon later for a cool costume box at the Shop. One of the missions that can get the coupon is by completing one of the Achievement missions.