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How to get Bunny Bancpack FF

After releasing the Chrono event, this time Free Fire again presents some interesting prizes such as Bunny Backpack FF that you can get. This one item is an old school item that you can now get again in several ways.

In order to maintain the ecosystem, there are surprises from Garena Free Fire for players. Moreover, at the end of this year FF often holds events such as Operation Chrono which has come with us a CR7 character who is ready to fight.

With an event like this, of course, it will increase the enthusiasm of Free Fire players to continue following the path of the ongoing event. The reason is, this event comes with a variety of attractive prizes and rarely found in previous events.

Bunny Backpack FF

Bunny Backpack FF
Bunny Backpack FF | Garena Free Fire

Bunny Backpack is a bag item with a cool design and a picture of a rabbit in the bottom center. If you are the type of player who likes to collect cool items then this is a must for you to have.

Although there are many other items that are no less cool, but if you can get them all why not. Especially if you can get it for free.

Yesterday Garena Free Fire issued a FF bunny backpack redeem code as a form of appreciation to players who have followed Free Fire’s official IG account. Which if their followers can reach 6 million then they will share the redeem code as a gift.

Redeem Bunny Backpack FF Kode Code

For those of you who are still confused about how to get the item and how to get the redeem code. Well, Dafunda Game has prepared a free ff redeem code to get Bunny Backpack Free Fire.


If you have got the redeem code, now we just have to exchange it. First copy the code above, then follow the guide that we will provide below. Previously, this code was also obtained through the official Free Fire IG.

How to Redeem Code

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Access
  3. Login with your FF account.
  4. If so, now enter the code earlier (all capital letters).
  5. The next step, click the Confirm button and a notification will appear as if you have succeeded.
  6. If you are successful, now you can enter the FF game and claim the prize.

For those who fail because the redeem code has expired, you can try the second alternative. While there’s no guarantee that this method will work, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

How to get Bunny Backpack FF

No need to worry if you don’t get the Bunny Backpack Free Fire in the way above, there are still ways below to get it.

  1. Open game Free Fire
  2. Click the message menu
  3. Select the message entitled Sunday Night Surprise.
  4. Click claim to get Bunny Backpack.
  5. Automatically you will get a cool Bunny Backpack item for you to use in a match to defeat the enemy.