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How to Get 19,999 Diamonds in the Free Fire (FF) x Venom Event

The FF x Venom event has the main prize of 19,999 Diamonds. Lucky players will get such a large number of diamonds, if they successfully complete the mission called Callback FF. So, the Calback event is back at this Free Fire x Venom event.

The Free Fire x Venom event actually started on October 10, 2022 yesterday. There are several missions that can be completed. 16-17 October 2022 is the culmination of the Free Fire x Venom event which is known as Peak Day.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will share how to get 19,999 Diamonds in the Free Fire x Venom collaboration event. Want to know how? Come on, let’s see the full review below.

Many Free Gifts Available

diamond ff x venom
Ff X Venom | Pinterest

In addition, 19,999 diamonds which became the main prize at the FF x Venom event. There are many more prizes that can be obtained for free. There is a FF x Venom bundle that we can get by completing missions. Not only that, there are also Motorbikes, Helmets, and Venom FF Backpacks that we can get at this event, and all of them are free.

The collaboration event between Free Fire x Venom will continue until the end of October 2022. Of course, this is a golden opportunity that you should take advantage of. Because it’s rare for Garena to hold a collaboration event, where all the items in it are given away for free.

In several previous collaboration events, Garena did not always give free items. Especially the collaborative Free Fire bundle. To get the collaboration event bundle, usually Garena will place it in an event. For example, for example Luck Royale, Incubator FF, and the like.

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How to Get 19,999 Diamonds in FF x Venom

diamond ff x venom
Free Fire x Venom | Garena

Well, now we will discuss about how to get the main prize at the FF x Venom event. To get this grand prize, you need to complete the FF Callback mission. Callback FF is a mission where you need to invite players who haven’t been actively playing Free Fire for a long time to be active again.

The FF Callback event at Free Fire x Venom will take place from 16 to 21 October 2022. Well, later on from this mission you will get prizes after successfully inviting your friends who are no longer active. Here are complete details regarding the Calback FF event on Free Fire x Venom:

  • Callback 1 Player : 1x Box
  • Callback 3 Player : 3x Box
  • Callback 5 Player : 5x Box
  • Callback 7 Player : 7x Box
  • Player who accepted the invitation : 5x Box

In each box there are various kinds of prizes that you can get. The main ones are Carnage Tokens and Diamonds with a total of 19,999. So, just wait for this Calback FF event to take place.

So that’s how to get 19,999 Diamond Free Fire in the FF x Venom event. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.